UC Timber Innovation Center (Centro UC en InnovaciĆ³n en Madera)

The UC Timber Innovation Center is an interdisciplinary Center for research, transfer and promotion of timber constructions, for innovation through constructive solutions aimed at energy efficiency and high standards; and sustainability as a fundamental factor in the development of economic, social and environmental lines of work. In partnership between the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and the Chilean Wood Corporation (CORMA), they seek to address the main technological challenges that the sector offers in areas such as: nanotechnology in wood, construction solutions, among others.


Madera21 is an association founded by the Chilean Wood Corporation (Corma) in 2001 with the objetive of disseminating and promoting the use of wood in Chile. The mission of Madera21 is to lead the processes of generation and transfer of knowledge, contributing to build capacities for the development of the use of wood in the fields of architecture, design, engineering, construction and innovation in Chile.