Stefan Winter – Germany

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Stefan Winter is a German civil engineer with a PhD in composite steel and concrete structures. He has dedicated his career to teach at prestigious universities and to research about diverse topics on timber construction, such as fire safety, multi-story structures, and sustainable and modern constructions.

He has not only been appointed professor of diverse courses on timber construction, but he has also worked at the Aalto University in Helsinki as part of the Finnish Distinguished Professorship program.

His career has led him to win several awards, such as the Bayerischer Holzbaupreis and the Best Project Award from ERA-NET, both in 2011.

His work is helping to shape the knowledge on wood as a construction material, since his investigation revolves around fire safety, sizing wood capacity in structures and the advantages for sustainable constructions.

Hermann Kaufmann – Austria

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Hermann Kaufmann is an Austrian architect, who has spent his career to work with wood as a construction material, which has revolutionised the field in his pursue for holistic solutions for sustainable and modern constructions.

Kaufmann designed the first wooden building 8 stories tall, which questioned what was known about timber construction until then, in terms of the time spent building this project, the use of CLT, and also the flexibility for adapting every construction to every different context.

The Austrian architect has been the winner of several important awards due to his work on sustainability, the use of wood in construction, the success of all his projects in terms of innovation and technology, research, among others.

John Moore – New Zealand

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John Moore has a PhD in forest resources from Oregon State University and has vast experience conducting researches regarding the use of wood in the construction industry.

He has worked in very important journals in New Zealand, such as the New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science and the Annals of Forest Science, where he worked as associate editor in both of them. He has also worked in the International Union of Forest Research Organization as coordinator, and as research and development management in Timberlands Ltd.

His work and advances in forestry science are helping to shape a more modern and sustainable construction industry in New Zealand and around the world.

Helen Goodland – Canada

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Helen Goodland is a British architect with an MBA from the University of British Columbia, with over 30 years of experience working with governments and privates to innovate in the construction industry, both in Canada and around the world.

She co-founded Building Technology Innovations, a building technology incubator that provides services to diverse firms as a means to push innovative ideas and sustainability in the construction industry.

She also works as chair of the United Nations Sustainable Building and Climate Initiative’s technical committee that promotes sustainable buildings worldwide. Moreover, she also serves at the Canadian Construction Association in the Corporate Social Responsibility Taskforce, where she assessed firms to work in a more sustainable manner.

In 2017, she won the “Outstanding Woman in Construction Award” in the Awards of Excellence of the Vancouver Regional Construction Association, for her work in advancing innovative high–performance projects.