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Dear Colleagues:

“Chile País Forestal” (Chile Forestry Country) will provide the proper frame for the celebration, for the first time in its whole existence, of the World Conference on Timber Engineering in South America. Chile has about 16 million of hectares of forests (85% native and 15% plantations) and also a vibrant industry which has a big potential for the development of timber engineering. Due to its great geographical variety which includes the driest desert in the world located in the north and the southern Patagonian ice field, Chile is an excellent “natural laboratory” for the exploration on diverse technologies on timber engineering. This country has been able to face the challenge of making more than 100 timber houses every year. Using the new technological innovations in the field of timber engineering, wood been used again in the making of buildings. People in our country have happily accepted the use of this material. This initiative has received wide support from the private sector, the government of Chile, a vibrant academic group, international recognized professionals. All of these, added to the warmth of its people and the sparkling attractive of its cities will make Chile a memorable experience for all those coming to the WCTE 2020.

Juan José Ugarte



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